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Peacock Family Law is simply that – a firm that specializes in all facets of the practice of Family Law. We don’t do anything else, so this most challenging and personal area of law and its impact on our clients is our sole priority and focus.

We understand how confusing and emotionally trying this time in your life can be, that your situation is unique, and how important it is for us to understand your goals. There is no cookie cutter solution or answer that works for everyone. That’s why our first step is to have a conversation with you.

Our team is caring, hardworking, and experienced in all aspects of Family Law. We offer a broad range of services to support our clients. However, we understand that your particular circumstances may not easily fit into one of the boxes below. We encourage you to contact us for assistance with any Family Law matter.

Separation Agreements & Pre-Marital Agreements

Many times when spouses separate, they are able to agree about the terms for their separation. A Family Law attorney can draft this agreement, commonly referred to as a Separation Agreement and Property Settlement. North Carolina also recognizes Pre-Marital Agreements that can be signed before spouses marry.

Child Advocacy Including Custody & Paternity

North Carolina does not recognize a preference of a mother over a father when making a custody decision. Both parents stand on equal footing regardless of their sex.

In North Carolina, paternity for a child can be established by signing a child’s birth certificate at the hospital when the child is born. It can also be established after birth through a court action.

Child Support

In most circumstances, child support is calculated by applying the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines. In some instances, the child support amount is based upon the reasonable needs of the children.

Property Distribution

This term is used to describe the process for classifying and dividing all of the property spouses acquire during marriage.

Alimony and Spousal Support

In some instances, a dependent spouse in North Carolina may be entitled to support from the other spouse.

Absolute Divorces

North Carolina requires spouses to live separate and apart for one year before filing a claim for an absolute divorce. You can address marital and child issues before the one-year period expires either through a Separation Agreement or by court action.

Adoptions and Name Changes

Adoptions are considered a special proceeding in the North Carolina Courts and are handled by the Clerk of Court. North Carolina recognizes step-parent adoptions as well as private adoptions.

As an adult, you can legally change your name as part of your divorce. You can also change a minor child’s name with the consent of both parents.

Family matters are some of the most personal and difficult situations, and you can often be “too close” to think clearly. I had interviewed several firms in the area, but always left feeling like I would become another status quo client. I wanted someone who understood what was happening, and represent the facts to provide the best possible outcome. During the first interview with Ms. Peacock, I immediately knew I was in the room with the right person.

She listened and asked the right questions to start connecting the dots. Simply put: she got it! She explained things so I understood what was ahead and set realistic expectations. She put me at ease. I could say that she has all the qualities one might look for – strong in court, knows the law, knows the legal community inside & out, etc., but you can say that about many attorneys. What separates Ms. Peacock from the rest is her empathy and judgment. She advocated for what matters most in my life like it mattered most in hers. You can’t do better than that. I trusted her to be my voice for my loved one and would do so again, if necessary. You can, too.

M. Bolton

Because your personal circumstances are different and are affected by so many factors, we highly recommend that you schedule a consultation.

Carolyn Peacock will meet you in person to discuss your questions, concerns, and priorities. We want to ensure that your goals are realistic and that any action taken is in the best interest of you and those you love. We then will explain the process and the timetable as it relates to your individual case.

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